Vytautas Čepas

Vytautas Čepas – astrophysicist, who researches our Milky Way galaxy. He also is searching black holes and the nearest lands with stellar photometric tests.

He has been interested in astronomy since he was a child. Participated in young scientists competitions (was a winner), after that he was studying, had traineeship and now he is the doctor of physics sciences.

Master of physics (Vilnius University)
Bachelor of physics (Vilnius University)
doctor's degree of physics sciences (2016), dissertation – "Galactic structure and star formation in Sh2-205 direction of interstellar cloud" („Galaktikos struktūra ir žvaigždėdara tarpžvaigždinio debesies Sh2-205 kryptimi“)
courses (since 2017)
researcher of VU Faculty of Physics Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy, whose branch of scientific work is researching our Milky Way galaxy structure
"Celestial mechanics and Solar System"
"Stars and his evolution"
"Stars and his evolution" (in a talented students school "Physics Olympus" (,,Fizikos olimpas“))
1. Participated in conferences and had traineeships in USA, Austria and Poland.
2. Member of International Astronomical Union
3. Member of Lithuanian Astronomical Union


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