Jonas Šečkus

Jonas Šečkus – geologist, who is actively participating in activity of geology science, also in media, television, radio.

"People should know and understand history and present of our country. He encourages people to get to know about human development and history which includes the whole evolution of the Earth.“

Master of geology science (VU, 2002)
Bachelor of geology (VU, 2000)
Doctor's degree of geology science
Biostratigraphy Laboratory of Institute of Geology
research department of marine geology
UAB "GROTA" (hydrogeological engineer)
VDU and KU (university teacher)
1. President of Lithuanian geologists union student section (LGSSS) 

2. Participated in meetings of European Geosciences students Network (EUGEN): in Romania, Italy, Spain, Lithuania.
3. He organizes meetings of Student Scientific Society (SMD).
4. Participated in projects and created 4D models.
Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemuende (Germany)
7 marine scientific expeditions (Baltic sea)
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