For those who applies to get a scholarship.

Everyone can get a scholarship. It doesn’t matter how old you
are - 10 or 99!
Scholarships are for talented children and young people who want to study in a future (choosing from the
activities we offer). Also for teachers and university teachers, who want to learn something new and pensioners who want to study. We will motivate the most talented and you will improve with us.
Write us now! We are waiting for your wishes about studies and a short motivation letter!

For sponsors!
For those who want to sponsor studies.

If you could help talented people – at this moment you create  a future of Lithuania with us!
A lifelong learning
is very important and we should understand this.
We believe in you. We believe that you or your company can help a talented child to get knowledge from professionals.
We should preserve bright minds for Lithuania.

Contact us

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