1. Why You? What makes you different from others?

First, high-level specialists teach here.
Second, special methodology – we teach you what is really necessary – no bullshit and what you actually need to know.
Third, humor and good mood – only in this way you can learn what you want to learn!

2. How to register for the courses?

Fill out the request form or call us.

3. Can I get a document confirming that I completed a course?

Yes. When you complete a course, you will receive a qualification certificate.

4. Where and when courses are arranged?

Place and time you can find in category "Services".

5. What time are consultations?

We can to arrange consultations at a time that is convenient for you.

6. What age groups can attend courses?

Our courses are for all people!

7. Do course participants get teaching materials?

Of course. Everyone participant get teaching materials and other necessary information.

8. What are the requirements for course participant?

Big wish and a good sense of humor!



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