Jonas Čiurlionis

Jonas Čiurlionis – modern philosopher. The field of his activity – various philosophies, which fly fast through human history, is facing logic and the laws of physics, feelings and music.



Doctor of philosophy (VU), dissertation – "Physicalistic space and time problem" (headed by Prof. Arvydas Šliogeris)
Master of philosophy (VU)
Bachelor of philosophy (VU)
Assistant of the Department of Science and Theoretical Philosophy (VU)
Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy and history of science (LT/ENG)
Organizer of International Interdisciplinary Conference "Space And Time: An Interdisciplinary Approach"
Learning pathway
(given lectures)
Skovde University (Sweden, 2015)
University of Turku (Finland, 2016)
University of Malta (Malta, 2017)
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain, 2018)
Philosophical interests
Metaphysics, Ancient philosophy, Philosophy and history of science, Philosophy of space and time, Renaissance philosophy, New Age philosophy, Philosophy of mathematics, Philosophy of physics, Aesthetics, Philosophy of music

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