Jolanta Kyzikaitė

Artist Jolanta Kyzikaitė actively participates in art fairs and artists programs and also in exhibitions. Her art works have been presented in eight personal exhibitions and more than 60 group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

Jolanta's Kyzikaitė's art works have been acquired by: Museum of Modern Art, Lewben Art Foundation, Walter Bischoff gallery in Germany and private collectors.

Doctor of arts (2018), doctoral dissertation defended – "Painting at play"
1st place in the competition "Young painter prize" (2010)
participated in "Artist in residence" programs
Art fairs
in Vilnius, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Cologne, Berlin, Brussels, Moscow (with a gallery "Meno niša")
LR Ministry of Culture awarded the individual public scholarship (2013, 2016, 2018)


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