Choir for adults

Does the music always sound in your head or heart? Do you sing at home? In a shower? In a car?
You are not alone, there are lot of people like you. That is why we want to bring together all of you in one place.

During these courses you will learn more about singing and you will sing songs which you like most of all. Moreover, you will relax and maybe you will have the inspiration to show your talent to others.

Magnificent power of music!
Do you know that:

  • heartbeat synchronization during singing in a choir?
  • singing is increasing the oxygen content in the blood?
  • singing is stimulating the oxytocin (hormone of happiness) secretion?


Singing together is more bravely and beneficial!

Courses are held every Saturday at 10 am


Choir for pregnant

You haven't heard yet about the new program in Vilnius!
For yourself and for your babies – we will sing, talk, listen and enjoy music!

Music effect for baby is unique!
Because when we listen to music (especially classic, for example W. A. Mozart):

  • in the first months of pregnancy baby's physiological and psychological development is stimulated;
  • it is noted that baby's coordination is developing faster;
  • child starts talking earlier and more smoothly.

Also during this course we will take care of expectant mothers.
Because during pregnancy you are worried and have fear of ignorance. So we will seek to eliminate and forget all these experiences with music. We want to create special music environment for you, in which you will relax, converse, also you will establish a better contact with your baby.

Courses are held every Saturday at 11 am

Price of one training – 10 €
Duration – 1 h

Tutor: Marija Bacytė

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