To discover yourself


It goes without saying that techniques of photography are in our pocket. How do we use it? Do we visit impressive places and share them with friends? Yes, mostly. Do we photograph our children? Obviously. Do we try to see yourself in photography? Maybe, but rarely. Can we see ourselves in it? Yes, even better than in the mirror.

We offer the course, which is consisting of trainings about mechanisms of perception, practical walking, individual consulting, seminars, sharing experience.

Initial technological readiness is not important, but the course also has a practical side, the opportunity to develop professional creativity skills of photography.

Subjects of lectures (spring session):

1. Critical problems of artistic photography

2. Concepts of photography.

3. Mechanisms of image perception
    3.1. Gestalt psychology
    3.2. Miksang meditation.

4. "Running" photography

5. Photography in art.

6. Photography in communication..

Lectures by professor Alvydas Lukys

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