Painting – union of mind and feelings, powerful instrument to get to know the reality!

If you want to learn to paint – you just need motivation. Don't worry if you haven't special inborn skills – they aren't necessary.

It is a frequent situation, when a student repeats teachers styles, while being taught by only one teacher. But here at the same time you will be taught by more than one university-level teacher and they will help you form your unique style. It is a unique teaching method. Every artist is reflecting his painting the way he sees it in accordance with general fundamental provisions, which combine classic, modern and contemporary arts.


dr. Jolanta Kyzikaitė

dr. Eglė Ulčickaitė

lekt. Agnė Jonkutė

dr. Konstantinas Gaitanži

prof. Ričardas Nemeikšis

licensee Eglė Karpavičiūtė

Painting technique course for beginners
(2 h) – 30 EUR
Three days painting course (2 h) – 90 EUR

Three months painting course every Tuesday at 18.00 (2 h) - 300 EUR



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