Is the poetry hiding? Should we find it?

Maybe – this seminar is exactly about it.

Duration of a seminar – 1,5 h
Price – 10 €


Books recommendations for adults: how not to buy a cat in a sack for some euros

When you buy a book, which is popular and recommended, but is not yours, because it isn't interesting for you, you start to read and you can't complete...

Duration of a seminar – 1,5 h
Price – 10 €


Literacy for adults: from grammar to style

You feel like you're cornered, when you should write and you feel as if you didn't know the language – sentences are bad. Also you have a big fear as if you will get a mark per every sentence.
You are not alone – thousands are like you and it is normal. It's not your fault: just it is more productively to revise what you forgot or not learned.

Duration of trainings – 1,5 h
Price – 20 €


Lecturer Elžbieta Banytė – literary critic, translator, book reviewer.

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