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"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." – Stephen Hawking

The most important for us – to prevent the formation of this illusion of knowledge.
You can't become an artist or a theater expert in a day. But after time if you have a key you can open every door. This key is our special methodology. There you can learn from professionals – artists and scientists with academic degrees, which are approved by achievements.

We live as long as we learn.

Vision - Lithuania and world for us is a place, where science, goodness and light dominate.

Science – knowledge based on evidence.
Goodness – as a social harmony, as an occasion to seek happiness for everyone.
Light – as a process, when you constantly teach, learn and have informal education.

Mission - learn and teach each other.

Values -

1) No bullshit!!!
2) Laugh at yourself and others.
3) Knowledge is cool.

Our tasks

To organise courses according to clients needs


To create opportunities to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which are needed for professional activities


To help you to increase knowledge in art and science


To consult on the chosen subject 


To create conditions for your improvement






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